The environmental challenges, caused and reinforced by globalization, we are facing nowadays cannot be resolved by one single nation and thus international cooperation is required.

The International Environmental Partnership (IEP) aims to provide a platform for countries throughout the world to share experiences and technologies in the area of environmental protection.

Since its establishment in 2014, the IEP has successfully engaged experts in various issues including groundwater and soil remediation, environmental law enforcement, electronic waste management, mercury monitoring, air quality control, climate change adaptation and environmental education.

2019 Asia-Pacific Mercury Monitoring Network Partners Meeting

2019 IEP Environmental Training Workshop – Vietnam>

US-Taiwan Eco-Campus Partnership Program – Award Ceremony

US-Taiwan Eco-Campus Partnership Program – Award Ceremony

Taiwan Partnered with US and Philippines to Promote Environmentally Sound Management of Electronic Waste

Kids Making Sense – Understanding Air Quality and Raising Environmental Awareness

Taiwan EPA partnered with US EPA and Philippines DENR to host the Asia-Pacific Mercury Monitoring Network Annual Meeting in Manila, Philippines.

Eco-Campus Teacher Professional Development Workshop

Air Quality Management Policy Exchange Workshop held in Taipei

GEEP Advisory Group and SE Asia/Pacific Meetings held in Taipei

Asia-Pacific Children’s Health Symposium

Global Environmental Education Partnership

International E-waste Management Network

Environmental Law Compliance and Enforcement

Sustainable Materials Management

Taiwan and U.S. Environmental Chiefs Meet in Washington

U.S. and Taiwan renewed Environmental Agreement in Washington, D.C.