Taiwan-US Eco-Campus Partnership Program Award Ceremony


Taiwan-US Eco-Campus Partnership Program Award Ceremony

Date: Dec. 4, 2019

The Taiwan-US Eco-Campus Award Ceremony was held at Jinlong Elementary School in New Taipei City on December 4, 2019. The event was hosted by the Environmental Protection Administration of Taiwan, and saw Mr. Mark Kasman from the US Environmental Protection Agency along with a representative from the American Institute in Taiwan to present the awards. Representatives from the Ministry of Education, local Education Bureaus, local Environmental Protection Bureaus and eco-campus schools also participated in the event. This year, representatives from 36 schools from around the country were in attendance to receive awards, including three Green Flags, 13 Silver Medals, and 21 Bronze Medals.

Posters were displayed to show the achievements and uniqueness of each school’s environmental roadmap. Jinlong Elementary School, which assisted in the event, was awarded an Eco-Campus School Silver Medal Certification this year. Their Ecological Action Team led the invited guests on a tour of the school to display the highlights and achievements of their eco-campus.