Advancing E‐Waste Management: IEMN Hosts A Full Day of
Content At Annual Meeting


2022 IEMN Annual Meeting: Advancing E‐Waste Management

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The International E‐waste Management Network (IEMN) hosted a full day of thought‐provoking discussions around circular economy approaches for the sustainable management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE or e‐waste) for regulators and policy makers around the world. More than 100 attendees from 33 different countries registered to participate in the event in real time, and the recorded sessions are also available to registered participants of the IEMN community.

The 2022 IEMN annual meeting included presentations from 13 speakers from a wide range of public and private sector organizations, research institutes, and academia including Best Buy, Dell, Samsung, the Rochester Institute of Technology, Yale, and University of Minnesota among others. Sessions focused on various approaches taken to improve e‐waste collections and grow circular economy approaches, as well as to expand materials for the next generation of products.

Attendees were also taken on virtual facility tours of the TES Battery Recycling Facility in Singapore and Sims Lifecycle Services Recycling Center in La Vergne, Tennessee. The TES Battery Recycling Facility focuses on lithium ion and electric vehicle (EV) batteries with a focus on reuse and material recovery. The Sims Lifecycle Services tour showcased how they are managing the electronic waste stream and contributing to the circular economy. Sims works to reuse, repurpose, and re‐engineer as many of the products they receive and only recycle what cannot be reused.