2022 GEEP Annual Meeting


2022 GEEP Annual Meeting

Monday, October 10, 2022

Taiwan and US EPAs jointly held the 2022 GEEP Annual Meeting on October 10, 2022, in Tucson, Arizona. The annual meeting was the first in-person meeting held since the outbreak of Covid-19. The meeting gathered over 30 participants from the government, academia, and NGOs in 11 countries to exchange and discuss on environmental education topics, and deepen participants’ engagement.


GEEP not only strives to promote global environmental education and establish international partnerships, but also places emphasis on enhancing regional capacity and cooperation networks in response to environmental change. Therefore, under the framework of GEEP, the Asia-Pacific Regional Center (APRC) was established in Taiwan in 2019. APRC is responsible for the promotion of environmental education in the region and the establishment of an exchange network in the Asia-Pacific region to learn, share, and work together to create a sustainable future. APRC hopes to become a model example for the establishment of other regional centers, such as the GEEP African Hub.


In addition, four youth environmental leaders from Taiwan were selected and sponsored by the Taiwan EPA to participate in the event. These youth leaders have made great achievements in various environmental areas such as climate change, plastic reduction, zero carbon emission, and marine environment.