Taiwan-US EPA International Workshop on Advanced Technology for Soil and Groundwater Remediation


Taiwan-US EPA International Workshop on Advanced Technology for Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Since 2005, Taiwan and US EPAs have been collaborating to introduce and localize innovative ideas and technologies to improve the effectiveness of soil and groundwater contaminated sites, with the ultimate goal of establishing a reference model to share with Southeast Asian partners. This year, Taiwan EPA invited 20 experts from the United States to attend the “2022 International Workshop on Advanced Site Modeling, Characterization, and Remediation Technologies for Contaminated Sites” from December 14 to 15 in Tainan. Over 150 participants from industry, government, and academia, both locally and abroad, were invited to attend the seminar to learn about the latest development of pollution investigation and remediation technologies.

In his opening remarks, Taiwan EPA Deputy Minister Tsai expressed that the workshop is an great opportunity for environmental professionals to share their practical experience and insights on remediation of contaminated sites annual event in the field of soil and groundwater remediation for our country and our environmental partner countries in the Asia-Pacific region. US EPA Assistant Administrator Jane Nishida emphasized in her remark that soil and groundwater remediation has always been an important issue in Taiwan-U.S. environmental cooperation, and has laid a good foundation for the expansion of Taiwan-led multilateral cooperation.

Through the two-day workshop, Taiwan EPA hopes the participants can further develop the concepts and technical skills of soil and groundwater contamination investigation and remediation in Taiwan, and prepare for the upcoming ReSAG Steering Committee meeting on December 16, which will bring together environmental alliances and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region to accelerate the achievement of pollution remediation and environmental quality improvement.