2023 IEMN Annual Meeting in New Orleans


2023 IEMN Annual Meeting in New Orleans

September 19, 2023

After three years of absence, the physical International E-waste Management Network Annual Meeting returned to New Orleans, USA from September 19 to 21. Because of the pandemic, no physical meeting was held since the last meeting in Bangkok, Thailand of 2019. This year, the IEMN Annual Meeting was held in conjunction with the E-reuse & E-scrap Conference, which focused on electronics reuse and repairability. The annual meeting invited government officials, business representatives, and academic scholars from Chile, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador Paraguay, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and the U.S. to share the latest update on e-waste management in respective countries and new development from the industry.

A panel of IEMN speakers from Brazil, Colombia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and the U.S. was invited to host a session on e-waste management in the E-reuse & E-scrap Conference and shared perspective from regulators across the globe. Also, IEMN participants were able to join all the E-reuse & E-scrap Conference sessions during the meeting.