Asia-Pacific Mercury Monitoring Network (APMMN) Conference is Completed Successfully

As a step forward of International Environmental Partnership founded in 2014, the two founding partners EPA and EPA Taiwan have collaborated for the first time with Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment (MNRE), Thailand, to held “Asia-Pacific Mercury Monitoring Network (APMMN) Conference” in Bangkok, Thailand, in July 26-29, 2016. Representatives from environmental protection departments and academia from 16 countries, including the US, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, Mongolia, Cambodia, and Bengal, will join the conference. Tzi-Jing Chang, Deputy Minister of EPA Taiwan, as well as Kasemsun Chinnavaso , Administrative Deputy Minister of MNRE, are invited to give speeches in the opening ceremony and instrument endowment ceremony.

Due to rapid development of Asia-Pacific economy and industry, human-caused mercury pollutions have caused great impact on global environment. The mercury emissions influence global atmosphere by long-range transport stream, entering water and marine lives by rainfalls, so mercury monitoring has received international attention nowadays. Taiwan has set up a Background Atmospheric Monitoring Station at an altitude of 2,862 meters in Lulin Mountain to watch the cross-border pollutant transport since 2006. With collaboration agreement with the US EPA since 2012, Taiwan performs advanced monitoring technology and joined APMMN as a pioneer in Asia.

The goals of the conference this year are to expand APMMN, to learn about the Environmental Monitoring Technology Center in Taiwan, and to discuss the development of mercury monitoring techniques. In collaboration with the US, Taiwan has established Asia-Pacific Mercury in Wet Deposition Monitoring Network and carried out a pilot study with Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. Taiwan provided a sampling system for mercury in wet deposition, as well as supports in sample analysis and data quality assurance. Besides, Taiwan will endow Thailand with a sampling instrument of mercury in wet deposition in the conference, and will provide continuing assistance to Asia-Pacific partners in mercury monitoring and sampling analysis, further strengthening the collaboration in Asia-Pacific area. Conference participants will also visit Thailand Environmental Institute and discuss future collaboration.

To expand APMMN, EPA Taiwan will establish APMMN technology platform in collaboration with the US, providing trainings and technical supports, promoting Asia-Pacific multilateral regional cooperation, and enhancing international environmental partnership.

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