International E-waste Management Network Held Its 5th Annual Meeting to Discuss Solutions for E-waste Recycling

The 5th International E-Waste Management Network (IEMN) workshop co-hosted by Environmental Protection Administration Taiwan, United States Environmental Protection Agency and Colombia Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development closed on Sep 24th. There were 44 participants, including government officials and representatives of NGO from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, attended the workshop and exchanged practical management experiences of E-waste management.

By convention, member countries update their progress and current situation of E-waste management policy implementation. Extending the issue being discussed last year in the following three days, the meeting put strong emphasis on the framework, development and practices of Environmental Sound Management (ESM) as well as the best available technology to deal with Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TV monitor recycling.

The 5th International E-waste Management workshop is part of the International Environmental Partnership (IEP) established on April 2014. Under the framework of IEP, the IEMN dedicates itself to build up a better environment around the globe and to transfer the environmental protection experiences from those pioneering countries to those counties in need.