The First Year Anniversary of International Environmental Partnership Exhibits in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.

To inform the public about the results that has been achieved by International Environmental Partnership (IEP), Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) and American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) hold an achievement show in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (SCCP). The opening ceremony will be held by Kuo-Yen, Wei, Minister of EPA, Christopher Marut, Director of AIT, Jane Nishida, Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator of US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), and Wu-Chiao, Hsieh, General Director of Department of American Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs on April 2nd. Participants will include scholars and experts from Germany, Japan, Indonesia and India.

EPA said that Minister Wei announced the establishment of IEP on April 14th last year, under the authentication of President Ma and Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the US EPA. By cooperating with another co-founder, the US EPA, the IEP program has assisted Taiwan and other countries to establish bilateral and regional international cooperation and to strengthen environmental diplomacy. The cooperation projects include Cities Clean Air Partnership, the Asia-Pacific Mercury Monitoring Partnership Network, Environmental Education, Environmental Law Enforcement and Compliance, Soil Remediation, Electronic Waste Recycling Management and Adaptation of Climate Change. During the past year, the program has gained great achievement in terms of strengthening connection with partner countries and elevating Taiwan’s leading position in environmental field, both regionally and internationally.

The public can acquire the information regarding the background of IEP, the results of international cooperation with partner countries in environmental field and the technology we have shared with other countries. The exhibition will include, for instance, the process of soil pollution and recovery, the recycle and reproduction procedure of electronic waste. The exhibition will be held at East-side Tobacco Factory of SCCP, between April 22nd and 24th, from 8 AM to 5 PM. You are welcome to visit.